LeTourneau University Partners with the Roughneck Tech Club


The Roughneck Tech Club welcomed engineering students from LeTourneau University this week. LETU students, Caleb and Geno, shared the basic types of engineering including civil, mechanical, computer, aerospace, biomedical, and robotics. The WOMS students had the opportunity to explore how robots see, think and move. Autonomous robots face a great deal of challenges, and Geno shared how his robotics team built an autonomous robot at LETU.

Click on the pic to see the robotics video!


The tech club was extremely curious about the robot and had a multitude of questions on all aspects of engineering! Caleb and Geno stayed to answer all the students’ questions. The Roughneck Tech Club is looking forward to learning more from LeTourneau University students this year.

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2 thoughts on “LeTourneau University Partners with the Roughneck Tech Club

  1. I’m so impressed with the partnership between LeTourneau University and WOISD MS. As teachers we can talk about engineering careers, but this collaboration personalizes “life after school” and puts Tech Club students in a “future ready” mindset. I can’t wait to read about what LETU students share with WOMS next.

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