The Winter Around the World Project!


Today, students at WOMS started the #WinterAroundtheWorld project. Teacher-Librarian, Shannon Miller, invited the students at White Oak Middle School to join classes around the globe to celebrate winter.  The project is inspired  by the children’s book Winter, The Coldest Season of All by Lisa Bell.  The students will compose songs, draw illustrations, write poems and short stories to be included in an eBook.  IMG_0140

Shannon Miller Skyped with the students as they listened to the audio book and enjoyed the illustrations by Emily Brooks. Ms. Miller shared tech tools including StoryBird, Buncee and Canva to highlight ways students can share their creations. Students left inspired to begin their Winter Around the World projects.

One thought on “The Winter Around the World Project!

  1. Awesome!!! I see lots of my kiddos participating! Yay! I want to know more about StoryBird, Buncee, and Canva. 🙂

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