Library Games!

Simply setting out a few sanitizable games around the library has really livened things up! Kids have been popping in to play Connect Four, Suspend, and Checkers just to name a few of the games we’ve set out. At times things have gotten pretty intense due to the competitvie nature of middle schoolers (and teachers), but it has been so nice to see everyone take a break from their phones for some old fashiond fun!

Be Your Own Valentine


This Valentine’s Day students learned all about how to build self-esteem and show love to themselves during our Pop-Up library club! We had over 40 middle schoolers take time out of their day to celebrate what makes them unique and loved. In addition, they learned 26 new ways to practice kindness to themselves! Check out our presentation here.

WOMS Library Celebrates Black History Month


This month our library is featuring African American authors, activists, and world-changers in honor of black history month. We added several new books to our collection, but students are most excited to see Jason Reynold’s Track series added to our sports fiction section. And just in time for track season, too! Click here to check out the author himself reading chapter 1 of “Ghost,” the first book in the track series.