Book Tasting: Fantasy

The Roughneck Book Club held its first book tasting this week.  The fantasy genre was featured this round, and a book tasting for every genre soon will take place soon.  Participants enjoyed an appetizer, entree and dessert round featuring books fresh off the library shelf!

To begin, we discussed book tasting etiquette.

Next, everyone dived into the menu!

The students enjoyed sampling books that they might not ordinarily try out.

Making New Friends ‘Across the Pond’

Recently, our sixth-grade students had the opportunity to Skype with Mr. Maxwell’s students in the United Kingdom.  The students loved getting to know each other.  Even though they live thousands of miles apart, 4,671 miles to be exact, they discovered many common interests including sports, music, and a love for Diary of a Wimpy Kid books!

After each class took turns reading a favorite children’s book, the students had the opportunity to ask questions of their classmates in Surrey including, “How much homework do you have?” The answer from Mr. Maxwell’s class was, “Loads!”


In order to learn more about each other and stay in touch with our new friends, we have launched a postcard project.  White Oak students in Mrs. Kelley’s class chose postcards with facts and interesting information about Texas and U.S. landmarks to mail. Each postcard includes a message with book recommendations, favorite songs, and more. The students were extremely creative with their questions and thoughts!

Stay tuned as we share postcards from our friends ‘across the pond’ soon!