#Global Maker Day 2016

Global Maker Day is a twenty-four hour event to celebrate makers around the world.  Jamie Donally is the brains and inspiration behind #GlobalMakerDay.  She  invites students and classes across the globe to share their inventions and creations.  The White Oak Middle School Tech Club was honored to participate this year.  In the video below, you can view our #GlobalMakerDay activities.

Check out all the amazing presentations below!

Families Learning Summit 2016


This past week, I had the honor of attending the National Center for Families Learning Summit in Detroit, Michigan.  As a Wonder Lead Ambassador for Wonderopolis, I have the opportunity to participate in amazing events, but this was by far one of the best.  The National Center for Families Learning focuses on programs to encourage families learning together. Today, learning is not confined to the classroom, but can happen anywhere. Starting in the home, parents are the first and most important teachers a child will ever have. NCFL emphasizes a two-generation approach to family learning that centers on the whole family.

NCFL’s longest and most dedicated partner is Toyota Family Learning.Toyota has made a 46 million dollar investment in families across the United States. Focusing on a multi-generational solution to educational challenges which emphasize families learning and achieving together,  Toyota has and continues to make a visible impact on family literacy.

One of the highlights of the summit for me was presenting on Camp Wonderopolis with the fabulous Nicole Robinson, Deputy Assistant Director of the Houston Public LibraryCamp Wonderopolis promotes inquiry-based learning and fosters the natural curiosity young people possess. Camp Wonderopolis 2017 will begin in June with a construction/building theme. Previous camps can always be accessed on the Camp Wonderopolis page.   Have you wondered today? At the Toyota Families Learning Banquet , Sonia Manzano, Maria from Sesame Street, spoke about her life and the joy of first learning to read as her Puerto Rican family struggled to find their way in America.  Her powerful and moving story can be found in her new book Sonia Manzano Becoming Maria, A Memoir.

Attending the NCFL Summit was an honor and a privilege. Please  take the opportunity to check out all the wonderful programs NCFL offers.


Meet the WOMS Book Club

Our book club friends in Medina, Tennessee were nice enough to send us a video introducing themselves. We love getting to know these wonderful students who live in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Below is our video response to the Medina Hornets! We are so excited to meet you and share ideas!