3D Printer Fun!

The Roughneck Tech Club investigated 3D printing this week.  Students learned the technical aspects of operating our M3D printer including adding filament, downloading programs and troubleshooting problems.The process is one of trial and error. The trial run included printing a Texas shape.  The temperature set for the filament was too high which caused our object to be distorted. Learning from what does not work is as important as being successful.  The goal will always be to let the students learn to become independent problem solvers.  The next step will be for our students to design their own program and print a 3D object. Go Roughneck Tech Club!

2 thoughts on “3D Printer Fun!

  1. Mrs. Cooper,

    The opportunities you are providing for our students is wonderful, and I know they love what they are learning. Thank you so much for what you do!

    Mrs. Velde

  2. I love it! It’s awesome seeing our kiddos learn these skills that will make them leaders in the workforce!

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