Have you met Library Lady?

Tired of students saying they don’t have time to come to the library? Bring the library to the students! IMG_1228 (1)

Each week Library Lady pushes a cart of awesome books to the cafeteria at lunch. She rolls her cart to all the tables and visits with the students. You can’t miss her! She is always dressed in an outlandish costume. Watch out! She may make an appearance at your cafeteria soon!IMG_1341IMG_1338




News from the Roughneck Book Club

happy valentine's! (1)

The Roughneck Book Club has been busy making plans for the spring semester.  Currently, we are taking nominations for WOMS March Madness 2016. We will begin with sixteen books, and we will vote until we crown an overall winner. Make your nomination today!

We are also planning a WOMS Poetry Slam for National Poetry Month in April. We are inviting all poets and all who love poetry to come to the media center and participate. Stay tuned for more details.

WOMS Poetry Slam 2016

Whose is ready for some WOMS Reader’s Theatre? Do you love dramatic readings? Mark your calendars for the month of May! The book club will host a reader’s theatre for the students by the students!

xocolate ATELIER

As always…happy reading!

Building a Nation of Inventors!

The Roughneck Tech Club met this week to invent, tinker and create with LittleBits circuits.  Magnetic circuits allow students the opportunity to build foolproof circuits instantly. The students are only limited by their imagination!

My favorite part was the teamwork that occurred in each group. Motivated to create something awesome, the students shared ideas, parts and a great attitude!  The students kept asking ‘what if’ questions, and trying to predict what would happen when they put different circuits together. Sometimes it did not go as planned; therefore, the students went back to the drawing board. They determined the problem and came up with a solution. The students were so focused on their inventions that I had to remind them to eat lunch!

IMG_1138(2)IMG_1142IMG_1140IMG_1139IMG_1117IMG_1119 (1)IMG_1143(2)IMG_1120

Roughneck Tech Club Invents 2016

WOMS March Madness 2016 Nomination Form

Are you ready for March Madness in your library?  Let’s nominate our favorite books, and see which one will be crowned the favorite at White Oak Middle School this year.  At the beginning of March, we will create a sweet sixteen bracket. Every week we will need YOU to vote for your favorite books! Who will be the winner?