Building a Nation of Inventors!

The Roughneck Tech Club met this week to invent, tinker and create with LittleBits circuits.  Magnetic circuits allow students the opportunity to build foolproof circuits instantly. The students are only limited by their imagination!

My favorite part was the teamwork that occurred in each group. Motivated to create something awesome, the students shared ideas, parts and a great attitude!  The students kept asking ‘what if’ questions, and trying to predict what would happen when they put different circuits together. Sometimes it did not go as planned; therefore, the students went back to the drawing board. They determined the problem and came up with a solution. The students were so focused on their inventions that I had to remind them to eat lunch!

IMG_1138(2)IMG_1142IMG_1140IMG_1139IMG_1117IMG_1119 (1)IMG_1143(2)IMG_1120

Roughneck Tech Club Invents 2016

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