Making our mark this week at WOMS Media Center!

Have you ever wanted to play the piano on bananas? Play Pacman or Tetris with Playdoh? Create a 3D dot?  These are just a few creative activities students explored this week.  In tech club, students learned about a little device called a Makey Makey that will help them create inventions that could possibly change the world.

In just a few minutes, the students connected their Makey Makey to their computers using a USB cord and alligator clips.  To complete the circuit some students used bananas and others chose Playdoh.  I then challenged the students to learn to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on their devices.  In just a few minutes, the students had mastered their piano!  As the students explored all the possibilities, they began to learn about open and closed circuits.  Students realized if every group member held hands, they could create a large circuit whereby all members could play notes on the piano. Seeing their excitement was definitely contagious!  FullSizeRender (7)Book club celebrated #Dot Day by reading Peter H. Reynolds children’s book The Dot.  As students listened to the tale, I hope they were inspired to make their mark this year.  As the new year starts, it is a chance for us all to make a difference.

FullSizeRender (8)

Using the Quiver app, students created their own 3D dot. Students loved watching their creations come to life.  Then, they wanted to re-design their dots and make more dots, just like Vashti.  I truly hope the students of WOMS are excited about the possibilities this school year offers.


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