This week in the library…

In the news…

Round II of March Madness voting comes to an end.

March Madness

Our week two winners are…


Overheard in the library…

“These are tough choices! Divergent or Lightning Thief?”  Semi-final voting will begin on Monday!


The Wonder Board is our newest addition to the library.  Stop by and pick up a wonder on the go! Have you wondered today?


The lunch time makers were back inventing with Little Bits this week!

makers2 IMG_1669 (1)

We have also spent time watching the Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa.  Thanks to the live webcam we have watched the mom lay two eggs, and we, along with the world, are patiently waiting on them to hatch. Bald Eagle eggs typically take thirty-five days to hatch. We are hoping to see the babies around April 14th.  Stay tuned…
eagleHappy reading, inventing and being awesome!


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