Creating Video Games with Bloxels

The Roughneck Tech Club used Bloxels to create original video games this week.  The Bloxels app and game board allows students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create complex video games. Using design logic and computer science, students can demonstrate knowledge in a variety of subject areas including mathematics, history, science and more.

Starting with the game board, Bloxels are then added to create a picture in the app. Students can create their own original characters and avatars.  One hundred and sixty-nine different rooms can be designed to add complexity to the game.

Narrative stories can easily be added to compliment problem-based learning. Every virtual world is unique to each student.

Bloxels provides tutorial support as well as lesson plans and activities on their website. Check out Bloxels Across the Globe to find classrooms around the world that participate in video game design.

Once all the tech club members have finalized their video games, a game day will be held to share the creations!

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