Ready to Join Book Club?

The Roughneck Book Club kicked off today with a special message from author Chris Grabenstein.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library will be our first book to read this year. After reading the first chapter, the students are hooked. They cannot wait to read about the shenanigans Kyle, Mark and Curtis Keeley get into next. As we read, the students will submit their predictions and questions about the book to Mr. Grabenstein.  Book club members are also looking forward to the release of the movie in October.

For the second year, we have the opportunity to team up with our friends from the Medina Middle School Book Club in Medina, Tennessee. The book clubs are busy introducing themselves using FlipgridThe students are sharing their favorite books, hobbies, and more. Our WOMS students are curious about Tennessee and eager to share fun facts about Texas.

Would you like to be our pen pal?  We are looking for classes to connect with this year.  Check out the information below. If you are interested, let us know!

We are excited about the year of ahead of us!
Happy reading!

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